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April 19, 2021
May 27, 2021

IYT Bareboat Skipper theoretical course in Saint Petersburg


Total days:39Course days: 39

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Еxperienced, Beginners

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IYT Bareboat Skipper theoretical course in Saint Petersburg
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IYT Bareboat Skipper theoretical course in Saint Petersburg

IYT Bareboat Skipper Certificate allows you to independently manage a sailing or motor yacht. The limitations are the size of the yacht - up to 24m, distance from the coast - up to 20 miles, sailing is allowed only during daylight hours and with favorable weather conditions. A typical weeklong cruise is well within these limits.

To become an IYT Bareboat Skipper from the beginner level, you need to complete a theoretical course and two weeks of practice on a yacht. Moreover, the first week of practice can be completed both before, during, and after the theoretical course; and the second week of practice is after the end of the theory.

Part of the theoretical yachting training course must be completed online, you can do it at a convenient time and in a convenient place. The cost of this online yachting course is included in the total tuition fees. But certain educational material is impossible or ineffective to study online, so part of the theoretical course in our yacht school is taught in the classroom by our instructors.

The main topics of the course (lesson plan):

  • Introduction. Yachting training, yacht certificates. Yacht safety
  • Yacht structure, terminology. Sail tuning basics
  • Fundamentals of COLREGs. IALA navigation signs
  • Meteorology. Yacht clothing. Mooring methods
  • Navigation basics. Magnetic compasses
  • Systems and mechanisms. Possible malfunctions
  • Navigation - Paper maps / Electronic maps
  • Yacht medicine and first aid on a yacht
  • Ebb, flow, currents
  • Law of the sea. Crossing borders. Yacht charter

Events schedule

  • Apr 19, 2021

    Monday and Thursday 19.00 - 21.30



Saint Petersburg


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