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January 16, 2021
January 23, 2021

The “Super mooring” yacht course


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The “Super mooring” yacht course
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Start:Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Finish:Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The “Super mooring” yacht course

The “Super mooring” yacht course is for those yachtsmen who have already completed elementary yachting training (from Day Skipper and Bareboat Skipper to Yachtmaster), and who wish to master various methods of mooring a yacht with a motor and sails in various conditions.

The program of the course consists of practicing various types of moorings, under various conditions, in the 1-2 nearest marinas. In a week of intensive training, no more than 1-2 short (only 1-2 hours each) crossings between the nearest marinas will be completed. The whole days will be devoted to various maneuvers in marinas and moorings.

The program of the “Super mooring” course includes:

  • Maneuvering in the narrow places of the marina.
  • Alongside mooring, especially in complicated weather conditions (with bulk wind and downwind).
  • Stern-to mooring especially in complicated weather conditions (with bulk wind and downwind).
  • Bow-to mooring - in all wind conditions.
  • Mediterranean-style mooring (with a stretch at anchor).
  • Mooring buoy
  • Mooring alone: all sides and at aft (short and single handed methods).
  • Alongside mooring on sails (if the group is ready and there are suitable weather conditions).

Various types of mooring are performed as each student develops simpler skills and is ready to move to more complex ones, and as the weather permits

The course is held in the Canaries (Tenerife).

Events schedule

  • Jan 16, 2021

    The start of the course in Tenerife

  • Jan 23, 2021

    The finish of the course in Tenerife



Tenerife, Spain


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