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A three-day cruise in the Lisbon area


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A three-day cruise in the Lisbon area
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Start:Lisbon, Portugal

Finish:Lisbon, Portugal

A three-day cruise in the Lisbon area

We invite you to a three-day cruise in the Lisbon area along the route Lisbon - Cascais - Sesimbra - Lisbon. Two nights are planned - in Cascais and Sesimbra.

Cascais and Sesimbra are two towns on the ocean that you will fall in love with. Here you will feel the real Portuguese spirit: the ocean breeze, the sun, leisurely walks and dinners in cozy restaurants on the coast. And Lisbon - the westernmost European capital - is a city in which you will want to come back again and again. Lisbon is a city of romantics and sailors, magnificent palaces and streets paved with white sandstone, colored facades of houses and funiculars. The vibrant modern life and the mazes of old streets harmoniously blend here.

This voyage will be one of your best memories of Portugal.

Events schedule

  • Lisbon - Cascais

    We will get on a yacht in Lisbon and get ready for an amazing three-day adventure. We will stay in Cascais for the night.

  • Cascais - Sesimbra

    Cascais is part of the Lisbon Riviera. Here you can enjoy views of the coast with coastal cliffs and yellow sand, and stroll along the romantic promenade. After a walk around Cascais, we will leave for Sesimbra and spend the night here.

  • Sesimbra - Lisbon


    Sesimbra is a resort that Portuguese really like. This vibrant city managed to save its face, despite the flow of tourists. Sesimbra offers its guests not only beautiful views of the ocean and scenic walking routes but also delicious seafood dishes in local restaurants.

    After enjoying the city, we will return to Lisbon.



Our three-day cruise will take place along the route Lisbon - Cascais - Sesimbra - Lisbon


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