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13 August 2020
22 August 2020

Mile building: Rhodes — Palermo


Total days:10Journey days: 10

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Russian, English
Mile building: Rhodes — Palermo
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Start:Rhodes, Greece

Finish:Palermo, Province of Palermo, Italy

Mile building: Rhodes — Palermo

The team of 10-12 people will sail on a sports yacht from Rhodes, Greece to Palermo, Sicily to the incredible Palermo — Monte Carlo regatta under the guidance of a professional skipper.

We are planning to sail during the daytime, but night crossings are also possible. It all depends on the weather conditions. This crossing is for those who want to test themselves and add nautical miles to their logbooks, those who want to learn to manage a sports yacht and understand its difference from cruise yachts.

Every day, we will sail from 30 to 100 miles. The entire route is 800 nautical miles.

Events schedule

  • 13 August, 2020

    The arrival of the whole team to the island of Rhodes, accommodation on the yacht, buying food.

    Rhodes is rich in archaeological artifacts, so the island is of great value not only for Greece but also for the whole world. Rhodes also has stunning nature — lush trees and plants, beautiful bays.

    The capital of the island is the city of Rhodes. The medieval city is surrounded by ancient walls. In ancient times, Rhodes was called the «island of the knights.» Many streets have retained their medieval appearance. Here, there is the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Order of St. John with expensive furniture and interior items from different eras.

    The other cities of the island are modern resorts with an active nightlife and modern infrastructure.
  • 14 August, 2020

    Rhodes — Pigania (Nisos Karpathos) — 80 miles

    Karpathos is a narrow and long island, the third among the Dodecanese group. The island is covered in high mountains. The central ridge extends along the entire length of Karpathos, its height is 1215 meters.
  • 15 August, 2020

    Pigania (Nisos Karpathos) — Siteia (Nisos Kriti) — 65 miles

    Siteia is a small town in Crete in the Lassithi region. It is built in steps on a hillside in the north and east of the island. There are beautiful landscapes here — picturesque bays, harbors, and mountains. The area around Siteia is covered with high mountains which contrast with valleys, caves and sandy beaches in the bays.
  • 16 August, 2020

    Siteia (Nisos Kriti) — Heraklion (Nisos Kriti) — 50 miles

    Heraklion is the capital of Crete, a city that combines a rich cultural heritage and modern vibrant life. Here you will find the world-famous labyrinth of the Minotaur in the Knossos Palace. The nature around Heraklion is amazingly picturesque — vineyards and olive gardens, the sea and hills, sandy and pebble beaches.
  • 17 August, 2020

    Heraklion (Nisos Kriti) — Limani Kavonisi (Nisos Kriti) — 75 miles
  • 18 August, 2020

    Limani Kavonisi (Nisos Kriti) — Limeni — 120 miles

    Limeni is a very picturesque place on the Peloponnese with hotels and taverns. There are also several architectural attractions.
  • 19 August, 2020

    Limeni — Katakolo — 85 miles

    Katakolo is located in the west of the Peloponnese. In Katacolo, there is a lighthouse that rises 45 meters above sea level and is a local attraction.
  • 20 August, 2020

    Katakolo — Poros (Kefalonia) — 40 miles

    Poros is a modern marina in Kefalonia. The city itself is quite new and touristic.
  • 21 August, 2020

    Poros (Kefalonia) — Messina (Italy) — 350 miles

    Messina is a major port city in Sicily. The city has many interesting museums, cathedrals, and other interesting places.
  • 22 August, 2020

    Messina — Palermo — 140 miles

    Palermo is a large port city. There are not many attractions in the traditional sense of the word, but this town is full of flavor. Palermo’s visiting card is more than 300 churches, from small to pompous, such as the Cathedral on Vittorio Emanuele. Take a look at the historic city center — Quattro Canti, the second largest in Italy.

    The Massimo Theater in Verde Square is famous all over the world. In addition to being one of the best opera scenes in Italy, the last shots of the «Godfather» movie were shot on the magnificent stairs of the theater. If you want to see the panorama of the city, climb Monte Pellegrino.


The crossing starts on the island of Rhodes in Greece and ends in Palermo in Sicily. We will make stops at Pigania (Nisos Karpathos), Siteia (Nisos Kriti), Heraklion (Nisos Kriti), Limani Kavonisi (Nisos Kriti), Limeni, Katakolo, Poros (Kefalonia), Messina (Italy).



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