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December 28, 2019
January 9, 2020

New Year voyage to the Canary Islands


Total days:13Cruise days: 7

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New Year voyage to the Canary Islands
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Start:Las Galletas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Finish:Las Galletas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

New Year voyage to the Canary Islands

Let’s celebrate New Year together on the islands of Eternal Spring and embark on an unforgettable sailing trip of the Canary Islands.

This Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the West African coast is perfect for excellent sailing vacations. The islands of Eternal Spring are especially popular with yachtsmen in winter. When the Mediterranean Sea is already quite chilly, the weather I is still very nice in the Canary Islands. The winds are perfect for sailing, and the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. The volcanic nature of the islands and European architecture, excellent infrastructure and natural beauty compliment each other here. From the first minutes, the Canary Islands begin to captivate you with their history and culture, and this is not surprising because the nature here is absolutely unique, and the range of leisure activities is quite wide. It will appeal to those who love relaxation and those who enjoy outdoor activities.

There are lot of adventures in store for you, because yachting in the Canary Islands is all about ocean waves — exciting and unforgettable! In addition, we came up with an interesting program: apart from excellent yachting, there are beaches with volcanic sand, steep cliffs, Star Wars filming locations, dinosaur-era national parks, fishing villages, famous resorts, restaurants with local cuisine, Canary wines and much more. You may also have the chance to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

And all this in a special atmosphere that you can experience only traveling with us. We invite you to go on the most exciting journey of your life!

Events schedule

  • Dec 28, 2019

    Saturday. Tenerife, Las Galletas.

    Our journey begins on the island of Tenerife in a place called Las Galletas, in the marina Del Sur in the southern part of the island. This is a typical small fishing village with its special flavor. Here you can stroll through the narrow streets, watch the life of fishermen and enjoy the evening view of the lighthouse.

    Check in on the yacht begins at 16.00. We register all the necessary documents, meet the crew and the yacht. Then we get comfortable in our cabins and buy the food. Later, there is a briefing and safety training.

    After all the formalities, we recommend a trip to Las Americas, for those who are not very tired after the flight. This is the most respectable resort area in the Canary Islands located a ten-minute drive away. Here you can enjoy amazing cuisine in restaurants with the highest service on the archipelago.

  • Dec 29, 2019

    Sunday. Tenerife, Las Galletas — San Sebastian De La Gomera

    So, let’s put up the sails! In the morning we leave for the island of La Gomera, which is often called a nature reserve. The island is home to a huge national park with amazing nature and unique flora, which preserved from prehistoric times.

    Christopher Columbus, traveling to the shores of India, when he accidentally discovered the New World, made a stop at La Gomera. On the island there is still a church where he prayed before going on this voyage, and a well, which sailors used to replenish water supplies. The sign on the well says: «America was baptized with this water.»

  • Dec 30, 2019

    Monday. San Sebastian De La Gomera

    We will devote this day to exploring the island. And it really deserves it! The highest point of the island is the Garahonai mountain range. It is 1,488 m above the sea level and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most of it is covered with unique laurel forests, which are more than 2 million years old. It looks like a different planet!

    To see the island, it is best to rent a car, get to the top of the mountain and then explore the park along one of the many hiking trails.

  • Dec 31, 2019

    Tuesday. San Sebastian De La Gomera — Tenerife, San Miguel.

    Our next stop will be Marina San Miguel. The marina is part of the golf club, and the area itself is very touristic, so all local infrastructure is aimed at entertaining guests of the island. Near the marina there is a beach with volcanic sand, and we will definitely visit it!

    In the evening we go on a promenade, and visit one of the many restaurants. We suggest stopping in the largest Irish pub on the island.

    And here we will celebrate the New Year!

  • Jan 1, 2020

    Wednesday. Tenerife, San Miguel — Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogan.

    Today we set off for the island of Gran Canaria, to a place called Puerto de Mogan, which is located in the southwest of the island. Puerto de Mogan is a resort city, divided into two parts by a canal. On one side of the canal there is a fishing village with shabby houses, on the other side, there are hotels, restaurants and other places where we can spend the evening. When walking along the canal, it seems like you are in Venice: many bridges, small houses, narrow streets. Near the marina there is a sandy beach protected from the ocean by a breakwater.

    Despite its small size, Puerto de Morgan has rich history. The remains of the settlement of Guanchi — the indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands dating back to 1600 — were found near the city. Excavations are still underway in the settlement, but despite this, you can visit it and learn about the history of the ancient people.

  • Jan 2, 2020

    Thursday. Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogan — Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

    Next, we will sail to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of Tenerife. Santa Cruz is a large city with many interesting places and attractions. You must visit Plaza de Espana located on the site of the castle of San Cristobal, whose walls can still be seen in the underground gallery. If you love greenery you can go for a walk in one of the parks: Garcia Sanabria, La Granja or Palmetum. All of them are interesting in their own way and worthy of attention. Fans of shopping will not get bored here too: there are numerous boutiques and shopping malls in the city.

    What is more, Santa Cruz is a home to one of the main attractions of the Canary Islands — the Auditorio de Tenerife Concert Hall built by Santiago Calatrava in 2003. The concert hall is considered one of the most significant works of modern architecture. It is also the symbol of the city. A couple of minutes walk from Auditorio de Tenerife is a historic Fort Castillo Negro, which is significant for the city too.

  • Jan 3, 2020

    Friday. Santa Cruz de Tenerife — Tenerife, Las Galletas.

    On the final day of yachting, we will go to the south of the island of Tenerife, to our home marina Del Sur. During the sailing we keep our cameras on hand and look for whales!

    In the evening, we will have a gala dinner celebrating our arrival on land and the end of our sea adventure. And then we will have a promenade and visit one, two, or three bars ... :)

  • Jan 4, 2020


    At 9-00 we leave the yachts, but we don’t finish our trip yet, and we suggest that you join us.

    We will climb above the clouds — to the top of the Teide volcano, perhaps the main attraction of the Canary Islands. We will visit Loro Park, where you will see the representative of the Canary Islands fauna — from killer whales to penguins. And we will also go on a hike through the Masca Canyon.



On our cruise we will visit various places on the Tenerife island. We will stay in several marinas and see a lot of interesting things. During our trip, we will also visit the island of La Gomera, where we will spend the whole day exploring local attractions.


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