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VHF Communications Certificate


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VHF Communications Certificate
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VHF Communications Certificate

This course covers general rules for the use and operation of VHF Radios; every crew member needs to know how to operate a marine radio. It covers what to do in the case of an emergency and an introduction to other marine communications equipment.

Scope: A 6 to 8 hour course, in class, with written examination incorporating the correct use of VHF radio for normal operating conditions and also in the event of distress and emergencies.


1. Introduction

2. Basic Radio Theory

3. Subsidiary Equipment

4. Common Radio Terms

5. Regulations/Licensing Requirements

6. VHF Radio Equipment

7. SSB/HF Radio Equipment

8. Radio Procedures

9. Emergency Radio Communications


11. EPIRB and SART

12. Satellite Communications

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    VHF Communications Certificate


Cyprus, Limassol


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