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Video seminars: Principles and Methods of Tuning a Racing Yacht


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Video seminars: Principles and Methods of Tuning a Racing Yacht
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Video seminars: Principles and Methods of Tuning a Racing Yacht

A course of 6 workshops on the Principles and Methods of Tuning a Racing Yacht, which you can watch from anywhere in the world

The topic "Principles and Methods of Tuning a Racing Yacht" covers all aspects of tuning spars, rigging and sails. In the first blocks of the topic, we covered the basics: what can be customized, what influences what, the main indicators used when setting up.

From the following blocks, you will learn how to practically work with the mast, what you need to pay attention to, how to set up the sails, what kind of interaction between the spar and sails is optimal, how to determine it visually.

As we are used to in our team, all information is intended for use in races and training. Since there was a lot of time for preparation, there are many different digressions in the materials, including historical ones. Naturally, there are also answers to questions from the audience.

In total, about two hundred people attended the seminars. Since the listeners had a very different level of training, came from various classes of yachts, the information was given extremely broadly, taking into account the needs of participants.

The proposed material is a direct recording of seminars in Zoom. Of course, we “cleaned up” technical flaws, for the convenience of viewing, we divided each seminar into two series. However, in general, a direct conversation is left, retaining the whole atmosphere.

Seminars within one topic are related. Inside the topic, it is better to watch them in order. In this case, you can choose individual topics that are most interesting to you.

Of course, if you have any questions during the viewing process, our team will be happy to answer them, since along with the video you will get access to support from our side.

Happy viewing!

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    Six online workshops


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