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July 18, 2020
July 25, 2020

A sailing expedition to Norwegian fjords


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A sailing expedition to Norwegian fjords
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Start:Bergen, Norway

Finish:Stavanger, Norway

A sailing expedition to Norwegian fjords

The American newspaper “Chicago Tribune” included the Norwegian fjords in the list of “21 wonders of the world”, and National Geographic wrote that among the attractions protected by UNESCO, the fjords are best preserved. No wonder, because before UNESCO, these places were guarded by severe trolls. From here, the Vikings set off on their journeys on wooden boats.

Going on a trip, you need to prepare not only financially and emotionally, but also be well organized. The sights of Norway amaze with its abundance and diversity, some call it a country of real magic.

We will see the coast of Norway as the heroes of the Scandinavian fairy tales saw them. You will never forget the emotions from this journey through the majestic Norwegian fjords. Join us now!

Events schedule

  • Jul 18, 2020

    On this day, we will buy food which we will cook on board, have a safety briefing and start setting up our life on the yacht.

    If you arrive earlier, we highly recommend visiting Bergen. Take a walk along the Hanseatic Quay of Bruggen: 58 colorful houses decorated with wooden animal heads and figures of artisans. You can visit Munch museum and the fish market to satisfy your cultural and physical hunger. Prices are high, but Norwegians will generously treat you with fried fish and seafood.

  • Jul 19, 2020

    Mooring at Vage.

    The Kingdom of Norway is washed by the waters of the North Sea. The average water temperature in July is about 15 degrees. Here we will start yachting as a way to explore new lands, and see the coast from a rare angle.

    Today we will spend the night in a secluded bay. After sunset, the trolls wake up, but they are friendly to us and only listen with curiosity. Put on something warm and look at the bright stars of Norway - they shine brightly here where there are no city lights.

  • Jul 20, 2020

    Folgefonna National Park. The lake, the waterfall.

    We will wake up early and sail along a winding bay, around us is a cliff 1000 meters high, and below us, the water is 500 meters deep.

    We will moor at Rosendal. By bus, we will reach the start of the track to Lake Bondhusvatnet. Then we’ll have a 2–4 hours walk through the Folgefonna National Park overlooking the glacier. Nature here looks especially domineering, reminding us that we are only guests here.

    Returning back to Rosendal, we will admire the impressive waterfall through which the Norwegians laid the track.

    In the city, we will visit the gardens of the Rosendal estate, where roses bloom magnificently and from where you can see the Hatteberg waterfall.

  • Jul 21, 2020


    A small island town has become part of the Norwegian landscape along with red and white houses and freshly painted boats. Life does not seem exciting at this place but when you get here and watch the usual Norwegian way of life, you yourself become calm and understand their northern character more. In the morning, in the square, you can wait for the fisherman from the sea and buy shrimp or another fresh catch.

    Only about 100 people live here. However, there is a bank, a post office, a school, and a kindergarten. And the signs in the city show the direction to an alien attraction - a mysterious figure on earth.

  • Jul 22, 2020

    Skudeneshavn - the "Summer City of Norway".

    The next destination is a small town with traditional white wooden houses. Locals really love Skudeneshavn and this is one of the best-preserved wooden settlements in Europe. Here, too, there are narrow streets, but they are completely different from those which we are accustomed to in Europe.

    On the beach of Skudeneshavn, we will dare to swim in the North Sea.

  • Jul 23, 2020

    The fjord is 40 km long, surrounded by impregnable cliffs - you can get to the settlements located there only by water. We will climb up "The Pulpit Rock" from where you can look at the fjord from a height of 600 meters. The climb is simple, everyone can do it.

    This rock is one of those attractions that can soon sink into oblivion: there is a deep crack in it. Sooner or later, visiting the “pulpit” will become dangerous, and then completely impossible. But by then we will have the coolest photos from there. And whoever doesn’t have time will be able to see "The Pulpit Rock" in the movie “Mission Impossible: Consequences” of 2018 - a key scene was shot there.

  • Jul 24, 2020

    For the last day, we will be sailing through the waves of the North Sea, reflecting the surrounding rocks. We will try to capture incredible landscapes in our memory.

    We will moor in Stavanger - this is our final destination and one of the largest cities in Norway. It is famous for its oil museum and canning museum. In the evening, we will prepare dinner and share our impressions listening to Scandinavian music.

  • Jul 25, 2020

    We will leave the yacht before 8.30 in the morning.



Norway is a country of contrasts; a vacation in it is interesting any time of the year. Our voyage will begin in Bergen. We will visit the Folgefonna National Park, see Espevær and the “Summer City of Norway” - Skudeneshavn. We will climb "The Pulpit Rock" and finish the cruise in Stavanger - one of the largest cities in Norway.


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