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Practical yachting

Practical yachting


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Practical yachting
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Start:Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Finish:Dolgoprudny, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Practical yachting

Greetings to all who enjoy open seas and big sails!

I want to offer you practical help in studying a sailing yacht, going out to the sea with sails and an engine. I’m ready to tell and show all the specifics so that you can begin your journey into the life of active yachting.

You will be able to master the skills of sailing; learn to feel the boat, approach and leave the pier, learn about the safety measures on the water and much more.

I offer a practical course, combining theory with practice without annoying sitting in classrooms and studying all the basics from "A to Z", trying to then get the skipper license and not knowing what to do with it. You will always have time to do that!

From many years of personal experience, I know that this approach is more beneficial for a beginner. He can immediately understand whether he likes sails, whether he fell in love with yachting, or whether it was a mistake in choosing a hobby.

We offer you to take the first steps in yachting in the waters of the Moscow basin, which includes the Klyazminskoye, Pirogovskoye, Khimkinskoye and Pestovskoye reservoirs.

The yachts are located in the city of Dolgoprudny, next to the Moscow Vodniki residential complex.

We have at our disposal very comfortable and convenient Carter-30 yachts. To date, in the waters of the Moscow basin, this kind of yachts are the most numerous (about 40) and popular. There are obvious reasons for this: the yacht is very comfortable with a relatively small size (30 feet or about 9 m in length), very dynamic and It is easy to manage. It is great for leisure of any type, walks, training in yachting, sports and tourist events.

The active phase of training begins on May 15 and continues until the beginning of October, i.e. during the period of comfortable navigation on the reservoirs.

The crew for training is up to 4 people, which means that you can find like-minded people and come along with them, the price does not change! Accordingly, it is possible to prepare a good team for joint voyages and participation in regattas at various levels.

The prices start at 3500 rubles / hour but no more than 4500 rubles / hour.

Some weekends in the summer are already busy with various regattas, I am a yachtsman and an active racer, so I try to plan ahead, the sooner the better!

We can discuss other details by phone or in personal correspondence.

Best regards, Vladimir.

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  • Practical yachting

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Moscow region, Russia


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