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Balearic Islands cruise

Balearic Islands cruise


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Balearic Islands cruise
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Start:Puerto de Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Finish:Puerto de Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Balearic Islands cruise

We have prepared several routes for the summer of 2020 in the Balearic Islands, depending on the number of days of the vacation:

Mallorca-Menorca-Mallorca — 10 days

Yachts are available from May to November 2020.

On each cruise, you will have your own skipper and cook, and you won’t have to think about what to cook today and how to moor the yacht. You will just enjoy your vacation and be recharged for the rest of the year!

Fuel and mooring fees are included.

Welcome aboard!

Events schedule

  • Day 1

    We sail every week. Check-in is possible at any time of the day.

    Here is an example of a weekly route along the blue bays of Mallorca:

    Palma de Mallorca

    We are waiting for all the participants in our adventure. This day will be devoted to getting to know the yacht, the skipper and each other, as well as buying food.

  • Day 2

    Colonia Sant Jordi

    Our first stop is in one of the bays of this beautiful island. Here you can ride through the local cozy streets on a train, visit the cactus park, sunbathe on the white sand beach, and dine in the Spanish restaurant with home cooking in the evening.

  • Day 3

    Porto Cristo

    From here we will go to explore the underground lake in the Dragon Cave - the most unusual attraction of Mallorca.

  • Day 4

    Cala Ratjiata

    In this place, according to tourists, there are the best beaches. If you want to see the sights in the city you can visit the Sa Torre Cega estate and the lighthouse Far de Capdepera. It started working back in 1861, and if you climb a hill with the lighthouse, you will see beautiful views and even the neighboring island of Menorca.

  • Day 5

    Porto Colom

    It is a beautiful fishing village with a great beach and nice restaurants. Here you can visit the vineyards and taste the local wine, as well as see the main historical attraction - Naveta. This is the oldest burial place of people who lived around 2000 BC. You can also visit the San Salvador Sanctuary and Santouri Castle.

  • Day 6


    This island that is located near Mallorca. It is famous for the cleanest water and the majestic fortress of the XIV century, on the stones of which the inscription of one of the prisoners, made in 1810, is still preserved. Here you can dive in the bay and look for the treasures left by the pirates, admire the turtles and fish, and also get a starfish or a piece of antiquity from the bottom. And the evening sunset here is gorgeous.

  • Day 7

    On this day, we will sail back to the start of our fascinating journey. You can stroll along the promenade to the cathedral and walk along the central streets of Mallorca. You will fall in love with beautiful architecture, fountains, cascades and monuments. And you will for sure want to come again to this beautiful island! In the evening there will be dinner from the chef.

  • Day 8

    Exchange of photos and impressions about the vacations, saying goodbye to the crew and leaving the yacht.

  • Day 9

    On this day, we are returning with you to the start of our fascinating journey. You can stroll along the promenade to the cathedral and walk along the central streets of Mallorca. Mixed architecture, fountains, cascades and monuments fall in love at first sight and you will have a desire to return to this beautiful island again! In the evening you will have dinner from our chef)

  • Day 10

    Exchange of photos and impressions about our journay, farewell to the crew and departure from the yacht.



Mallorca, Spain


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