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Sailing school in Limassol


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Sailing school in Limassol
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Start:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Finish:Limassol Marina St 3601, Limasol, Cyprus

Sailing school in Limassol

The first and the only offshore racing courses in Cyprus with its mono fleet and experienced coaches in the beautiful Limassol Marina. The course is suitable both for beginners and those who would like to refresh their knowledge, as well as for progressive sailors, who are already familiar with sailing.

(* After passing the course, you will receive a certificate from our club about the successful completion of the course (only for a four-days sailing course). To obtain international certificates additional training is required.)

There are 3 options available: 1-day course, 2-day course and 4-day course. Every option consists of 2 hours of a theoretical part and 4 hours of practical part at the sea. The course is ran during the available weekends. 

Events schedule

  • 1st day: basic information


    1st Day ( Also a1-day course) :

    — terminology and basic information,

    — basic settings of the yacht for different courses and directions,

    — learning how to determine the center of sail and general yacht balance concepts,

    —considering the basics of team management,

    — learning how to prepare the boat for races,

    — learning about the roles and functions in the crew.

  • 2nd day: yacht management


    2nd day (and a 2-days course)

    On the second session, you will learn how to set up and work with sails. Work on:

    — settings of the front sails,

    — settings of the gears and grotto,

    — seating and team work,

    — work on steering to the wind

    — and turns.

    — The practical part in the sea - about 4 hours.

  • 3rd day


    The role of the captain and management:

    — holding a briefing with a team,

    — exit from Limassol Marina,

    — steering and crew management,

    — working out of the material covered,

    — mooring of yachts and maneuvers in Limassol Marina.

    — The practical part in the sea - about 4 hours.

  • 4th day


    Working out of the material covered, answers to your questions.


    — the theory of the material covered (questions on the boat),

    — solving problems in the sea,

    — practical part in the sea for 4 hours.



Limassol, Cyrpus


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