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Mariya Zarubina

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Yacht:Gib Sea Custom 45

Model:Gib Sea Custom 45

Manufacturer:Gib Sea Custom 45




The Gib'Sea brand is the leading model of the Gibert Marine shipyard. Founded in 1972 in the city of Maran, in the French department of Charente Maritime, the Gibert Marine shipyard specializes primarily in the construction of racing keel yachts, such as the Tequila model. In addition, the shipyard produces cruise ships and yachts for long-distance racing. The Gib'sea line became so famous that its name was identified with the entire shipyard. In 1996, Gibert Marine was acquired by Dufour Shipyard, but it was decided not to change the name of the famous Gib'Sea line. Gib'Sea sailboats have an excellent reputation in the world of long-distance racing.

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